Our Purpose

is an open, two-sided B2B Services MarketPlace that simplifies how Buyers and Providers find, engage, and transact with each other on project-based services opportunities. Our purpose is to make it easy for Business Service Buyers and Providers to collaborate on project-based services opportunities, execute any mutually agreed upon work orders, and settle any related transactions - all while ensuring transparency and compliance.

Our Team

Matt McCarrick, Founder & CEO
Matt founded in June 2018 after spending more than fifteen years gaining experience as a management consultant and B2B eCommerce technology leader while serving Fortune 500 clients and partners across a broad range of industries. Matt’s (completely unplanned) career path gave him a unique, cross-dimensional understanding of the $1T B2B Services market given his time spent selling and delivering enterprise procurement advisory services, leading cross-functional digital transformation projects, and designing complex B2B eCommerce strategies for dozens of iconic, publicly-traded business customers. Matt created to help his fellow business professionals by empowering them to transform their own unique natural abilities into meaningful economic value for themselves and their families.

Our Advisors

When we set out to build , we didn’t have the working capital to hire quality full or part time employees to fill out all the different roles we actually needed. The only thing we had going for us is that we knew a bunch of really smart and talented professionals - with the exact skills we needed - who were willing to work with us on a project basis and grow the relationship as our needs evolved. The below professionals were instrumental in helping us take from the white board to your browser window. They continue to provide important advisory services to the company as we work to grow the Community together with all of you.

Design Advisor
Annamarie Madaczky, AnnaMads Design
Annamarie advises the company on all aspects of the User Experience (U/X) while designing, creating, maintaining, and enriching a robust library of digital brand and marketing assets for the company. As the founder and Creative Director of AnnaMads Design, Annamarie has developed creative omni-channel campaigns for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to family-owned small businesses. Whether as a part of an agency creative team or in her own creative freelance work, AnnaMarie has developed a professional reputation for excellence in Digital Design.
Platform Advisor
Andrew Korolyov, Maven eCommerce
Andrew advises the company on all aspects of our Platform Operations including the development, monitoring, and ongoing maintenance of our secure and scalable application and hosting environment that is optimized for both performance and compliance. As the founder and CEO of Maven eCommerce, Andrew is a well-regarded Solution Architect and Technology leader in the dynamic, fast-changing, eCommerce industry having delivered eCommerce, mobile, business automation, and API development solutions to clients for more than 18 years.
Product Advisor
Sergey Kopeikin, Maven eCommerce
Sergey advises the company on all aspects of our Product Development activities including the management and development of the product roadmap, the coordination of all design and development resources, and the oversight of all Agile development processes and reporting. As a Senior Project Manager with Maven eCommerce, Sergey has 10 years of client-facing experience in both front and back end development as well as eCommerce and API solutions.
Story Advisor
Kingsley Willis, Kingsley Kreative
Kingsley advises the company on all aspects of our digital storytelling and software animation efforts. An experienced senior level editor, motion graphics artist, and founder of Kingsley Kreative, Kingsley has created hundreds of launch videos, trailers, sizzle reels, music videos and short films for companies of all shapes and sizes. From live action to 3D animation, for customers across all industries, Kingsley is uniquely able to bring your story to life in ways that few others can - and always with amazing results.